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Our Story

Lucy Wylie - Owner of Lucys Spotless Cleaning in BoiseHello! I am Lucy Tirrell, owner of Lucy's Spotless Cleaning. I am glad you are looking into who is at the head of your cleaning company! Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
First and foremost I am a busy mother of a brilliant twelve-year-old girl and a spunky always on-the-go nine-year-old boy. When we aren't busy with the daily school work and after school activities, you can find us outside enjoying the sunshine. We enjoy a good barbeque with friends, camping on the weekends and hiking whenever we get the chance. Life has its challenges being a single parent but I welcome it with gusto! If you aren't your child's biggest cheerleader, who is? 


I began cleaning houses in 2002 with a friend and later with a cleaning company. I was married at the time and my growing family needed some extra cash. As I would go into someone's home I felt like it was such a personal place and it should be treated with integrity and honesty. We always used the rotating system common to most cleaning companies. What I found was that the house just never felt completely cleaned! It just felt unfinished and I didn't like that feeling.


In 2003, knowing I didn't feel comfortable leaving a home partially done, I started my own small business. I had a passion for cleaning and developed a system of cleaning that reflects my vision of a truly clean home. What started as a small side job to help the family budget has become my passion and purpose of developing trust with our clientele.

All of us here at Lucy’s Spotless Cleaning hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you why so many people in the Boise area love to come home to a “Spotless” home.




Lucys Spotless CleaningLucys Spotless CleaningLucys Spotless Cleaning