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House Cleaning

House Cleaning


Enjoy a Spotless Home And More Free Time! There's nothing like coming home to a Spotless home, especially when you didn’t have to do the cleaning. It's a wonderful feeling to know that your whole house is really clean. Our home cleaning service can give you the cleaner, healthier, and happier home you want, along with the joy of having more time for the people and activities that you really enjoy.  We clean your home top-to-bottom using a special system designed to efficiently and thoroughly make your home truly “Spotless”. Because we understand that your home is as unique as you are, our system is flexible, and we customize our service to your needs.


Below you'll find a list of the typical house cleaning tasks included in a regular cleaning. Feel free to compare our task list with any competitor’s list. You’ll always find ours is more comprehensive and thorough. In addition to our regular cleaning services, we also offer additional cleaning tasks. Contact Lucy's Spotless cleaning at 208.284.5589 for more information. Serving Boise, Meridian, Nampa and throughout the Treasure Valley.





Dust Doors & Sanitize Knobs

Dust Light Fixtures

Clean Sanitize Sinks

Clean & Polish Faucets

Clean Soap Dishes/Dispenser

Clean & Sanitize Shower & Bathtub

Clean & Polish Shower/Tub Fixtures

Treat Hard Water Issues

Treat Mold/Mildew Issues

Clean & Sanitize Toilets & Exterior Tubing

Clean & Shine Mirrors

Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors & Handles

Spot Clean Walls & Doors

Clean Light Switches & Plates

Wash Baseboards




Clean and Sanitize Countertops

Clean and Sanitize Sinks

Wash Window Above Sink

Clean and Polish Faucets and Fixtures

Clean and Sanitize Garbage Disposal Guard

Clean Soap Dishes and Soap Dispensers

Clean Appliances on Countertop

Clean Oven Exterior (Inc. Top & Sides)

Clean Dishwasher Ext. (Inc. Top & Sides)

Clean Refrigerator Ext. (Inc. Door Seal)

Clean Stovetop (Inc. drip pans, knobs, etc.)

Clean Garbage Compactor Exterior

Clean Wine Cabinet Exterior

Polish Stainless Steel

Clean Exhaust Fan and Hood Above Stove

Clean and Sanitize Microwave Oven

Spot Clean Cabinet Exteriors

Clean and Sanitize Table

Spot Clean Chairs

Spot Clean Walls and Doors

Clean Light Switches and Plates

Dust Baseboards

Dust Telephone (If Applicable)

Wash Dishes (Upon Request)**




Remove Cobwebs

Clean Washer and Dryer

Dust Baseboards

Clean and Sanitize Countertops

Clean and Sanitize Sinks

Spot Clean Doors and Cabinets




Empty Trash

Bare Floor Vacuum

Carpet Vacuum

Mop Floors

Remove Cobwebs

Dust Ceiling Fans

Dust Trim Above Doors

Dust Tops Of Doors

Dust Windowsills

Dust Baseboards

Dust Furniture (Tables, Shelves, etc.)

Straighten Magazines and Books

Fluff Furniture Pillows

Clean Glass Furniture

Clean and Dust Television(s)

Dust Electronics

Dust Pictures and Decorations

Dust Window Blinds and Shutters

Clean Sliding Glass Doors

Spot Clean Walls and Doors

Clean Light Switches and Plates

Change Bedding (Upon Request)**


**Additional Fees May Apply