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Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore

Springtime is in the air, and for millions around the country that means that the time for spring cleaning has arrived as well. Not only can your home collect some dust and dirt during the winter, but plenty of clutter can pile up as well. Cleaning up can be a major process, especially when you’re trying to get your home ready for the spring.


Start 2016 off with professional home cleaning services

When it comes to your home, you likely take a lot of pride in it and what it means to you. But that means that you need to take the time to keep it looking its best – something that not everyone has the time to do. That’s why starting the year off with a fresh start from a professional home cleaning service is worth considering.


A clean home is a great present for yourself this holiday season

Your home is your castle, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to keep it as clean as you'd like. Daily responsibilities can make it harder to keep up with cleaning, and it's only worse during the holiday season. As the holidays approach, things can get hectic quickly and your schedule ends up filling up fast.


A Good Fall cleaning means a healthy Winter home

Most people think about spring cleaning when they consider larger jobs to maintain the home.  While it is ideal to thoroughly freshen the home after a winter indoors, it is also important to consider what it will mean going into the colder months.  A thorough fall cleaning can actually ensure that you have a healthier winter.


What is true green cleaning and how can you benefit from it?

A half century ago, most people scoffed at true green cleaning because they thought it was a radical concept and completely unnecessary.  My how things have changed.  Today, most of us now understand how important it is to be a protector of our environment.  In recent years, we have been witnessing the growth in popularity of eco-friendly technologies that lessen the human impact on the environment.


Lucy's Spotless Cleaning makes your house a home

Modern lifestyles have certainly improved the amount of productive hours that individuals can fit into their day.  With access to home offices and constant technological connection, many Boise area residents find that their work day is not actually over once they have returned to the house.  The result can often become a feeling that the place which is supposed to be a sanctuary has become another overwhelming task.


Schools out for Summer!

School's out for summer! You know what that means. The kids and their friends have turned the house upside down. Don't worry! We have a simple age appropriate chore guideline your family can follow. Keeping house work to 20 minutes per day won't cut into free time and you'll be more likely to have success.  


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website and our new blog! Here you will find information, news about what's going on here at Lucy's Spotless as well as lots of cleaning tips! We are very excited to have a new website up and running that is responsive, this means that our website is now easier for you our viewers to navigate around our site on all types of devices.

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