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Spring Break & Spring Cleaning At The Same Time!

After another season of being cooped up inside, spring is here, and that means great weather, more time outdoors, and time to take stock of your home and its state of cleanliness. Usually, we have to choose between doing spring cleaning and taking a spring break, but with Lucy’s Spotless Cleaning, you can have both!



You Enjoy The Weather, We Do The Work


If you really want to take advantage of the good weather and don’t want to think about what it will take to get your house back in shape after winter, then don’t! We have all the know-how and all the equipment to come in, look at what your home needs to get ready for a newer, warmer season, and then go straight to work.


We can either give your home a thorough cleaning that sets the tone for the rest of the year, or, if you love what we’ve done, we can keep on coming back to keep your home bright, cheery and spotless. Whatever kind of cleaning you’re looking at, whether one-time or on a regular basis, Lucy’s Spotless Cleaning is ready to make it happen in your home this spring! Contact us for more details and let us work our magic on your home!