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Spring cleaning season is here

As the weather changes and the flowers bloom, it becomes time for spring cleaning to start in earnest for most of us. From removing clutter to getting rid of the dust and dirt that can build up during the winter, spring cleaning is important – but it can take a lot of time and energy. Here are some tips to help make it easier to do.



  • Start by making lists. Separate them into lists of what needs to be done inside as well as outside, and then try to organize based on the best order to perform tasks in.
  • Cut the clutter. Spring cleaning stats with removing clutter. Try to get rid of things that you just don’t use, and if possible donate them to local Goodwill stores or similar places.
  • Put the kids to task, too! Whether they’re out on spring break or just home for the weekend, give them a few chores to complete before they can start having fun for the day. Spring cleaning can be a family affair.
  • Get some help. If you’re just too overwhelmed, hiring professional help to assist with some of the heavy lifting is worth considering.
  • Make it fun. Set up prizes for the kids or play your favorite songs as you work to lighten up the process and add some inspiration.