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A Good Fall cleaning means a healthy Winter home

Most people think about spring cleaning when they consider larger jobs to maintain the home.  While it is ideal to thoroughly freshen the home after a winter indoors, it is also important to consider what it will mean going into the colder months.  A thorough fall cleaning can actually ensure that you have a healthier winter.


Thinking About Change


One of the biggest differences between spring/summer and fall/winter is really how open the home is to air flow.  In the summer, the home can often feel cleaner because of this fresh air, but in actuality, a lot of dirt and debris is accumulating due to constant traffic.  When people just close up their homes for the winter, all of this dirt is now trapped in the home and even circulating through the air.


Instead, when people get a thorough fall cleaning before the season fully changes, they can be certain that their home is pristine and healthy prior to being closed up.  As a result, less irritants in the air and germs on surfaces can also translate into less colds and flu over the course of the winter.


Looking For Perfection


A big place that should have a good fall cleaning is the carpeting in the home, since this can be a place where most allergens are trapped.  Further, dusting along ceiling edges and cleaning behind furniture will also reduce the irritants that can be trapped in a home.  It is also important to remember that any soft surface, from a couch to drapes, can capture both allergens and smells, so these areas should also be attended to prior to the winter.


Lucy's Spotless Cleaning can handle any fall cleaning job, from carpets and soft surfaces, to other areas of the home that need some care, such as bathrooms and kitchens.  Our work is guaranteed, and we are able to come to your home at any time, with no service agreements.  This allows homeowner to schedule their fall cleaning at their convenience, and then enjoy a winter indoors that is still fresh and healthy. For more information on home cleaning services in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley, give Lucy's Spotless cleaning a call at 208-284-5589.