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What is true green cleaning and how can you benefit from it?

A half century ago, most people scoffed at true green cleaning because they thought it was a radical concept and completely unnecessary.  My how things have changed.  Today, most of us now understand how important it is to be a protector of our environment.  In recent years, we have been witnessing the growth in popularity of eco-friendly technologies that lessen the human impact on the environment.


For example, as the environmental movement continues to expand, we have seen everything from using lemons and salt to vinegar and newspapers to clean our homes.  True green cleaning involves the use of products that are labeled as environmentally safe or eco-friendly. 


Green cleaning also encourages everyone to conserve the energy and water that we use when cleaning.  But human beings have gained the greatest benefit because, despite the fact that green cleaning is good for the environment, it is also beneficial where our health and well-being is concerned. There are so many chemicals used today that have been linked to thyroid disorders and even different types of cancers.


Consequently, the key ingredients of an effective cleaning program are products that are labeled as biodegradable and eco- or environmentally-friendly.  So in addition to reducing our electricity and water consumption, green cleaning practices can also save your health.  


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